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Mental Game Approach

Cutting Edge Techniques

When it comes to the mental game there is not another goalie coach out there that goes in depth as much as we do.  I am a certified mental performance coach and have developed many mental programs that have been used by Stanley Cup and NCAA Champions.  Looking for help in your mental game is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength.  You should always want to maximize your performance and the mental game is the best way to do that.  My performance coach is the performance coach for Forbes Magazine and many high end business people as well as many top athletes.  Between his support of my programs and my programs there is not another goalie coach out there that can touch what we can do for you from a mental perspective.    

Personal Consultations:

This is a series of 4 video conference sessions with me where we will get into the nuts and bolts of your mental game and discover what is holding you back from achieving your true potential.  each session is typically an hour to an hour and a half or whatever it takes to solve the problem.  We have seen amazing results here with the many goalies we have worked with. 

On-Line :

You can go through our self paced on-line email program.  It is a series of emails that come to you every week for an entire year.  We cover every aspect of goaltending from a mental perspective that you can think of.  This is a great starter course for those on a tight budget.  You can check out the Mental Edge Goaltending Academy at the link above.



Pre-Game Routine Sample

Quick Primer on setting up a good pre-game routine.


Building Confidence

Quick confidence builder audio.  Learn how to build confidence from scratch.