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Goalie coach at UNH

35 Years of Coaching

My name is Rob Day and I have been coaching the position for 35 years.  I have coached at every level in the NCAA, Juniors, Prep, and Youth that you can.  I am a former engineer and take a structured analytical approach to making you a better goalie.  Past students of mine have gone on to win championships at the professional, collegiate, junior and youth levels.  Some of my former students have gone on to become championship winning coaches.   In the last 7 years my students have won 7 NCAA titles and we have had 20 Division 1 commits since 2013.  I am heavily involved with USA Hockey as I am the C-I-C for goaltending in the New England District and the GDC for New Hampshire.  I look forward to working with you to help you become not only the best goalie you can be but the best person you can be.


Holistic approach to training

I cover the 4 pillars of training: Technical, Off-Ice, Mental, Nutrition.  You can't succeed if you do not have all 4 of these in place.  The  attention to detail that we pay to each one is amazing and I have worked hard over the years to build my knowledge base to assist my goalies.  There are certainly a great number of excellent goalie coaches out there but we feel we offer the best approach to developing to your fullest potential.


4 Pillar Approach

In order to be a successful goalie you have to do beyond mere technical training.    We have a 4 pillar approach:

  • Technical Training-Biomechanics
  • Off-ice conditioning
  • Mental training
  • Nutrition training

Unless a goalie masters these pillars they will not achieve the full success that they want.  We have partnered with our sister company Sports Science Solutions to utilize our proprietary software that we have developed specifically for hockey.  This provides us the opportunity to review every aspect of your game.  We are not merely using our trained eye we are providing detail that no other goalie company can provide.  We have tested numerous Division 1 and Professional goalies so we have a great database with which to compare you against.  Wouldn't you like to know if you are more susceptible to injury than your competition.  Would you like to be able to guard against future injury?  Wouldn't you like to optimize your body to ensure that you are getting the most out of your performance?  Do you agree with the 4 pillar approach?  If so then book your appointment and let's get you started!

Customer Reviews


Michael Lackey — Washington DC


We cannot recommend Rob Day and Puckstoppers enough. When my son, Michael, moved from Washington DC to attend Phillips Exeter Academy, he did not have a goalie coach to work with him in New England. He had been working with the same coach in our area since he started playing hockey, so we were also concerned about having consistent teaching by his new coach. We asked around and received numerous recommendations for Rob, and so we decided to have Michael work with him. We could not have been happier. Rob took the time to figure out Michael’s style of play and strengths and weaknesses. He consulted with our local coach and made sure that they were both on the same page as far as instruction. The transition to Rob was absolutely seamless, and Michael continued to progress under his steady guidance.  Rob was very good at coaching the mental side of the game.  This is where we felt Michael made his biggest gains.  He also helped our son in his career as he laid the ground work for Michael to try out for and subsequently make the USNDTP U-17 and U-18 teams and earn an eventual commitment to Harvard University.  This could not have happened without Rob’s help, guidance and desire to see my son succeed.  His biggest strength is coaching the mental game.  My son’s game went to amazing levels we had never seen before after working with Rob.  If you have the chance to work with him definitely do it.

Michael Lackey Sr 


Craig Russell — Coach Plymouth State


Rob has been with our program for 8 seasons now. In that time frame he has helped our goalies and players develop rock solid mental games. He knows what is required for goalies to be successful mentally at a high level. Additionally he has helped our players raise their level of preparedness and has done a great job helping to create a winning culture. He is able to connect with today’s player and understands the tie-in between hockey and the real world. If you are looking to develop a rock solid mental game he is your guy.

Craig Russell Head CoachPlymouth State University
NCAA Tourney Participant Division 3 (2012, 2015) seasons 


James Lacour- Director of Hockey Ops Union COllege


I have known Coach Day both as a former student and now as a coach. What drew me to him was his track record of successful goaltenders at elite levels of hockey. What set him apart from other coaches was his in depth understanding of the goaltenders and players mental game. He is able to make a player or goaltender understand their game, the factors within their control and the preparation needed to perform. This understanding translates into not just a better player or goaltender, but a more consistent player or goaltender that all high level coaches seek.  He also understands the importance of the mental game for players as well and challenges them to strive to new performance heights.

James LaCour  Former Head Coach Johnson and Wales University, Director of Hockey Operations Union College


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